What to Expect at DUMC

Sunday School Class

Open Hearts

Whether you are in town to visit family or relocated to the Douglass area, we pray that you feel welcomed, loved, and accepted when you walk through our doors.

At anytime should you need assistance during your visit to DUMC, feel free to reach out to our Pastor or a congregation member. You can also call the office during regular office hours at (316) 747-3134.

Open Minds

We are always constantly learning to have a better relationship with Jesus Christ, that is why we have educational programs designed for both adults and children.

Children are welcomed to join us for worship and are invited to play in the nursery. The adults looking after your kids while they play in the nursery are certified by Safe Gatherings.

Youth Group performing a dance routine for the congregation

Open Doors

Everyone is welcomed to any of the activities at the Douglass United Methodist Church. Young or old, we have something for everyone!

…And just for in person visitors, we have a small free gift (if available) as a thanks for stopping by! We think you’ll love it!