June 2021

Let Us Discover A Deeper Meaning to God’s Grace

What is the meaning of God’s Grace? I want to share an illustration which we might be familiar with the meaning of grace. A college teacher assigned a term paper. He told the students the project would represent 75% of their grade. He said the due date was six weeks away, “Monday, October 10, no exceptions.” (Teacher declared his law.) John and two classmates were injured in an auto accident (through no fault of their own) five days before the term paper was due. They were released from the hospital three days later. So, there was not enough time for the recovering students to meet the deadline. They contacted the teacher (they asked for grace). Given their circumstances, the teacher said he would accept their submission by Wednesday noon (grace was given). The injured students struggled to meet the deadline (they believed the teacher would do as promised), burnt some midnight oil, and all three passed the course.

In this illustration, grace (an extension of time) was given to three students because the teacher cared enough to help the students. He wanted them to complete the course even though they had been notified six weeks earlier of the due date. The injured students accepted the teacher’s grace and after putting forth extra effort, they met the deadline and the requirement for the course. They were grateful for the grace they had received and their efforts (works) reflected their appreciation. God’s grace requires a human response. We are saved through faith because God has given us grace in the form of time, sacrifice, and deposit. Many Protestants will ask, “How can grace be called grace if overcoming sin is required (works)?” God’s grace exists because God’s laws have penalties. We show God that we appreciate His amazing grace by putting faith in Him and obeying His commands. How fair would it be to the other students if the teacher had told the injured students, “You do not have to submit the term paper, I will give each of you an A.”? Would such an allowance of grace be appropriate given the authorization of the organization or would it be academic deception (giving passing grades to students when there is no evidence the students met academic requirements)? If a peer review by his colleagues was conducted, would the teacher’s extension of grace be viewed as unauthorized use of authority to defeat course requirements or would the jury conclude the teacher was justified by his actions?

The Bible does not teach that we are saved by a privilege of grace, but instead, the Bible teaches that salvation has been made possible because God has extended grace to all sinners. His grace comes in the form of time, sacrifice, and deposit. When properly understood, the principle of grace is a story of overwhelming love because God has taken every initiative necessary to save sinners. On the other hand, when the principle of grace is unclear and abused it causes harm to individuals and ultimately denominations.

Throughout the series this month, we will continually learn that while God loved us even as we were, lost in our rebellion and sin, he loves us too much to leave us there. His grace saves us, guides us out of the darkness and into the light, and gives us strong hope as we look forward to the day of glory when all sin will be put away forever. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this series will enlighten your soul and strengthen your understanding of all that God has designed to do in your life, starting from the inside out.

Scriptures for June 2021

06-06-2021 Giving Back To God Mark 12: 38-44

06-13-2021 More Than Forgiveness Titus 2: 11-14

06-20-2021 Paralyzed by Grace Matthew 11: 28-30, Hebrews 10: 1-3

06-27-2021 Humility Brings Grace 1st Peter 5: 5-7

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Debbie

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