Facebook Live & Dial In Worship Line

The Douglass United Methodist Church offers two different ways for congregation members and visitors to listen to or watch our services.

Facebook Live

We broadcast each service (except services that contain copyrighted material) on our Facebook page. Each weekday morning at 8:30 AM, you can watch Pastor Debbie’s Daily Devotions. Any stream can be found on our Facebook page or by going to douglassumc.com/live.

Dial In Worship Line

We are excited to bring this new service to our church. As of now, we are the only church in the area to have such a feature! Congregation members and visitors will soon be able to dial a number, enter the provided access code and listen in to our live worship services! This service is perfect for those who don’t have a computer, smart phone, or reliable internet connection and would still like to stay home and attend virtually. This service will work on any standard landline phone or mobile phone (works on both flip phones, smart phones, etc).

This service will become active in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to further announcements on when this service becomes available.